Our Retail, Wholesale & HO.RE.CA. Product Catalogue contains all current product lines divided by Supplier.

The catalogue includes Product code, Manufacturer, Weight, Packaging, Bulk Packaging etc. for all products. We update this catalogue at least twice a month so, please, keep yourselves up to date by visiting this page often.

Current Product Catalogue

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Founded in 2017 but tracing our history back to 1936, we are a full-service provider of quality Greek Products to the Retail, Wholesale and Ho.Re.Ca. foodservice markets across the United Kingdom.

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives

P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki (Crete) and Peloponnesse Varieties. Olives from Kalamata, Chalkidiki and Amfissa. Marinated & Stuffed Olives, Olive Paste.

Greek Cheeses & Authentic Yogurt

Original P.D.O. Feta Cheese, Graviera, Kasseri, Kefalotyri, Saganaki Semi Hard, Myzithra, Anthotyros, Halloumi, Anari. Authentic Greek Yogurt, Light and Full Fat.

Cured & Frozen Meat Products​

Frozen Meats, Pork & Chicken Skewers (souvlaki), Burgers, Traditional Greek Sausages, Salamis, Parizer, Pork Ham, Pastirma, Bacon, Turkey, Smoked Lountza.

Greek Produced Rice & Pulses

Carolina, Parboiled and many more Varieties of Rice. Greek Pulses such as Giant Beans, Lentils, Fava, Chickpeas, etc.

Greek Pasta & Tomato Sauces

Wide variety of Greek pasta products such as Spaghetti, Macaroni, Linguine, Penne, Cannelloni etc, Wholegrain and Gluten Free, along with Canned Chopped Tomatoes and various Tomato sauces.

Chocolate Products, Wafers & Cookies

Greece’s top brands of Chocolate Products, Wafers and Wafer Rolls, Traditional and Filled Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolate Drinks and more. Stevia Products Included.

Greek Honey and Honey Products

Traditional Thyme, Flower and Conifer Tree Honey from Crete, The Aegean and the Greek mainland. Also, Honey Products such as Pasteli, Sesame Bites and more.

Jams, Sweet Preserves & Halva

Wide Range of Traditional Extra Jams from Greek fruits and Home-made Sweet Preserves. Traditional and Wholegrain Tahini and Halva in Various Flavours. Also Tahini Spreads.

Dips, Seafoods & Home Baking

Greek dips such as Tzatziki, Ktipiti and Tarama, Various Seafoods such as Octapus and Anchovies. Flours and Semolinas, Baking Aids, Whipping Creams, Creme Patissiere and more.

Deli & HO.RE.CA Products

Cheese Wheels, Cold Cuts & Charcuterie Products in blocks for Professional use, Tins of Olive Oil, Various Olives and Feta, Meat products & Gyros for souvlaki , Antipasti and Condiments.


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