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We work together with our supply partners with trust, transparency and constant communication. We strive to improve United Kingdom’s food supply chain by introducing Greece’s excellent food products and brands.

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Founded in 1947, Melissa Kikizas is the No1 Greek pasta producer owning the largest vertical complex of mill-pasta plant in the Balkans.

Having a strong portfolio of reputable brands and a wide range of private label products Melissa Kikizas possesses a strong presence and export activity in 45 countries worldwide.

All products are made from 100% durum wheat of the finest quality including the familiar long and short pasta shapes but also a variety of special shapes.

Being pioneer in the pasta category Melissa Kikizas continuously introduces innovative products designed to meet the most contemporary market trends and consumer needs for those who seek tasty and healthy propositions, such as whole wheat, veggie, high protein and pasta kids range.


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